About Bow View Homes

Bow View Homes Ltd. is a Canmore based business which was established in 1993.
The Bow View Home “Team” consists of  Cathy-Anne David, John Lambert CGS and our select sub trades. We build conventional frame, timber frame and hybrid timber frame homes as well as premium quality cottage-type recreational homes.

*Please note that John R McIsaac of J. R.  McIsaac Project Mangement Group received a court order on July 20th 2017 for his removal as Director and President of Bow View Homes Ltd.  John R. McIsaac is no longer active in the operations of Bow View Homes Ltd although he remains a shareholder.  J. R.  McIsaac Project Management Group has no involvement or association with  Bow View Homes Ltd.*

How our team works to make your project a success.

The successful completion of your building project requires coordination of construction field activities, in-depth knowledge of building codes, practices and practical experience in new home construction. John has more than 50 years of experience in constructing single family and multi family homes in rocky mountain communities in Alberta and British Columbia. He has received the designation of Journeyman Carpenter and is a Certified Gold Seal Field Manager.

Each new home that Bow View Homes Ltd. builds generates its own unique administrative tasks including budget and invoice tracking, construction schedule progression, after-sales service and, most importantly, facilitation of communication between the construction field and you, the customer. Coordinating these activities is the responsibility of  Cathy-Anne David who administers the office so the flow of paperwork and communication is uninterrupted, effective and timely.

How we coordinate home design & construction with your personal aesthetic.

Our mountain homes tend to reflect the beauty and grandeur of the scenic Rocky Mountain alpine environment. At the same time, we encourage our customers to tailor their homes to their lifestyles and personalities. Because of this, every home that we build is unique in some way. Whether the home features a soaring rundle rock fireplace with trophy head or a floor to ceiling indoor waterfall feature with gold fish swimming in the pond below, each home bears the distinctive mark of its owner.

Once you have chosen your lot, we’ll introduce you to our independent Professional Designers/Architects and interior designers who specialize in creating your own alpine home of distinction. If you have a lot and plan already, we’ll work with you in creating a budget, establishing your specifications, and determining the construction schedule.

Together the Bow View Home Team works closely to ensure that you, the customer,  are completely satisfied with the end result.  Be sure to contact us with any questions you may have about building your new residence or vacation home in Canada’s Rocky Mountains. We’ll be glad to respond.

Mount Rundle near BanffBow View Homes Ltd.
Box 8093, Canmore, Alberta,
Canada, T1W 2T8
Tel: 403 678-6733 Fax: 403 678-6761
Email: bowviewhomes@shaw.ca
Web: www.bowviewhomes.com
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Premium Cottages Built to Order

Bow View Homes Ltd.
Box 8093, Canmore, Alberta,
Canada, T1W 2T8
Tel: 403 678-6733
Fax: 403 678-6761
Email: bowviewhomes@shaw.ca Web: www.bowviewhomes.com
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National Home Warranty

All homes built by Bow View Homes Ltd. are automatically registered with national home warranty program. National Home Warranty