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A beautiful living room with rock fireplace by Bow View Homes
For more than twenty years, Bow View Homes Ltd. has built a reputation for quality by specializing in the development and construction of distinctive custom homes and mountain recreational properties in Canmore, Alberta, Canada, the surrounding mountain areas and the countryside in the Foothills near Calgary.

As a premium custom home builder of conventional frame, timber frame and hybrid timber framed buildings, Bow View Homes Ltd. is known for creating homes that conform to high environmental and energy efficiency standards. We bring a keen sensitivity to surrounding environments both in terms of design aesthetics and environmental impact.  Our homes are custom-built to fit our customers’ lifestyles and to be as functional as they are beautiful.

Emphasis on You…….

Your care and comfort is at the forefront of our approach to the planning, construction, finishing and delivery stages of every building project we undertake. We will work with you at all stages of the construction process to assure your complete satisfaction when the building is delivered. We stake our reputation as fine home builders on refined levels of construction detail and overall building quality. This standard is carried forward in all of our recreational property projects as well as our mountain home, town home and condominium development projects.

We are extremely excited to be involved in several residential and recreational property projects in and around the Mountain areas and the foothills countryside.  The architecture and style is unique to each homeowner and incorporates the specifications and features that are important to our customers. Give us a call or email us to see what Bow View Homes may do for you.

Recognized For Outstanding Quality

In 2002, Bow View Homes Ltd was formally recognized by the Town of Canmore for successfully demonstrating an excellent standard in Urban design and Architecture. Bow View Homes received the Canmore Mayor’s Annual “Canmore First” Award for Urban Design and Architecture in the category of best Multi Family Development. We hope that the photographs in this web site help you make your own judgment about Bow View Homes’ commitment to innovative construction techniques in the production of superior conventional, timber frame and/or hybrid homes featuring exceptional design, quality and comfort.

Find out more about how Bow View Homes Ltd. will work with you to make your dream home a reality.

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Mount Rundle near BanffBow View Homes Ltd.
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Bow View Homes Ltd.
Box 8093, Canmore, Alberta,
Canada, T1W 2T8
Tel: 403 678-6733
Fax: 403 678-6761
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National Home Warranty

All homes built by Bow View Homes Ltd. are automatically registered with national home warranty program. National Home Warranty